Twenty Twenty Vision

Hello and thank you for visiting this archive page for the music of Twenty Twenty Vision (singer-songwriter Adrian Lomas).  [LISTEN HERE]

The Wonderfully Titled - EP - Twenty Twenty Vision

Song Use

Over the years, my songs have been used on several TV shows (mostly) aired in America.  For example, “In You I Hide” can be heard in Season 3, Episode 4 (“Pandora”, BBC America) of the hit show SKINS where the song plays out over the final scene and end credits.  Fans of the show will know the original UK airing featured the song “Breaker” by Low.  Other tracks have been used on shows aired on various channels including HGTV, DIY Network, and the Travel Channel.  A few tracks were also playlisted for use in fashion stores around the world, including Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger.

Other Broadcasts and Performances

My music was played on radio stations in the UK (including XFM, BBC, Radio 2XS) and abroad, and I was interviewed and performed live on local BBC radio and on television station Channel M.  In fact, my first live performance as Twenty Twenty Vision was thanks to promoter Rob Fulton on Radio Space,  a small radio station broadcasting from the basement of a shop in Manchester!  Sitting alongside my friend and guitar player, Mark Paterson (now a successful animator/graphics guy working on shows such as Archer), we played a couple of songs (including one called “Whisper Calm” – listen to the original demo from 1999 here) and did a short interview.

In terms of more traditional “gigs”, I believe my first solo gig as TTV was at a venue called Cafe Pop in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.  I went on to play relatively frequently for a while both solo and with various formats of a live band, appearing at various venues (for all you Mancs reading… Band On The Wall, Night & Day, Roadhouse, Green Room, Life Cafe, Star & Garter, Tmesis, Attic, Soundgarden, Whitworth Halls, Bruins Bar, MEN Arena… ok, not the MEN Arena).  With the exception of my first gig at The Late Room in town, I always appeared with my trusty Takamine acoustic guitar – that one time I “played” bass whilst singing but I was more “stung” than “Sting” if I’m honest.  I returned to The Late Room at a later date in support of 4AD act, The Mountain Goats and played various events such as War Child, In The City, and SWAP festival.  Away from all that, let me thank Gina DeBartolo for including the video to “Adequately Marvellous” (filmed by Phil Wood and students from Carlisle) in the BBC Big Screen Project.

On a personal note, I’ve been lucky to play alongside some excellent musicians and great people, including but not limited to: Rob Clark (guitar), Andrew Clarke (bass), Paul Fox (guitar), Trevor Kennedy (drums), Gary Lowe (bass), Mark Paterson (guitar), Ramesh Ramaswamy (drums), Ian Willett (drums) and, of course, my wife Heather (keys).  It was also a great pleasure to share bills with many acts whose music I enjoyed such as Stickboy, Garron Frith, King Street Hobo (Mike Kelly, now in Run Toto Run) and Colours Run.


My first demos from the late 1990s were awarded “Star Choice” in Manchester’s City Life magazine, received praise in Melody Maker and from fanzine writers in Europe.   Throughout the years, I received tremendous support from (Jon Ashley and Mike Gray) and went on to play some of their excellent acoustic nights at the Roadhouse.  Thanks to all the places which reviewed me, including: BBC (Chris Long and others), Logo Magazine, Losing Today Magazine, Star Polish, High Voltage, Metro, Musicians’ Union, Angry Ape, Piccadilly Records, Unbarred, Unpeeled, Stockport Express (for the page feature), Juxta, Vanity Project, This Is Not TV, Glasswerk and Gigwise.

“Without a doubt, Twenty Twenty Vision’s promo CD is the finest to settle down on this desk for a while. In You I Hide is an achingly superb piece of songwriting, ghosting subtle vocals in amongst a tune that’s so simple, it’s utterly gorgeous.” (BBC)

“This is such a beautiful record. Twenty Twenty Vision yearn for the days when frail lovesick records ruled the airwaves of late night radio. If you love perkily cascading spring time jangling chords all sensitively delivered then this is for you. Both Adequately Marvellous and In You I Hide are things to rekindle hope in perfect song writing yet the jewel in the crown is the dreamily spun Complication – swooning prickly pop of the highest order.” (Losing Today Magazine)

“A CD of absolutely beautiful songs… Adrian Lomas has produced one of most professional and well written demos I have ever heard. His songs are joyous celebrations of understated guitar indie-pop and I feel absolutely uplifted by it.  Let’s hope someone like Domino Records bumps into this very talented young man soon.” (This Is Not TV)

“This is great. Five tracks of understated indie-pop, with clever lyrics, pretty melodies and a hint of Elliott Smith style melancholy… if this release is anything to go by, he’s set for big things.” (Piccadilly Records)

“TTV make a welcome return with this E.P. that now sees Adrian Lomas ably supported by a growing cast of musicians. “In You I Hide” is insightful, tender and packed with melody. Lomas has a voice that refuses to bellow, yet contains more power than even the most hardened of rock singers. The songs are delivered in a perfect balance of harmony, accuracy and sensitivity. The emotional values are never lost or overblown. “In You I Hide” is one of the best modern folk songs to some out of Manchester this year. “Complication” is a slice of breezy pop, excellent song writing and a real understanding of 80’s pop. Underneath all of this is a respect for the values of folk and Mancunian / urban landscapes. “Adequately Marvellous” is classic TTV, losing none of its relevancy or effect on another run out. “So Secretly” is just full of possible options for arrangements, recording or otherwise.

On the folk / acoustic scene just a few names get touted in the more fickle news columns and glossy locals. Lomas and Twenty Twenty Vision so far, have the tunes and the perfect voice, which for me, is far trendier and then some .  MMMMM [5/5]” (

“Musically this is a pleasant experience, the vocals are purely subtle, the songwriting top notch and it’s no surprise this has received airplay from the likes of Terry Christian. Excellent stuff, wonderfully produced and beautifully arranged.” (Gigwise)

“Lyrically, it’s a heartfelt collection and behind Lomas’ hushed vocals lies a woozy penchant for dreamy indie and serene beauty. An utterly charming showcase, which implies a fruitful future.” (Angry Ape)

“Twenty Twenty Vision (aka Adrian Lomas) may be a mobile singer with an acoustic guitar in a gig bag, but his songs seek horizons far, far beyond, his ironically entitled song “Adequately Marvellous”. Whilst the local radar bleeps with frantic statements of “talent off the starboard bow”, Lomas is a relatively hidden gem within the City’s very impressive and still growing, Singer/ Songwriter scene. But the plaudits are streaming thick and fast for Adrian, particularly from independent review platforms – and tonights performance justifies this. The melodies and songs are so well rounded and yet detailed, that Twenty Twenty Vision are a proposition to seek out and savour.” (, live review from 2005)

“The very wonderful TWENTY TWENTY VISION featuring Adrian Lomas ( is stripped to a three piece and in these days of burgeoning lists of singer/songwriters, TTV deserve to stand tall. Adrian Lomas has a voice to die for and he suppresses it’s magic with tantalising efficiency – it’s the music that does it though – with pop soundbites and too many tunes to be true, Lomas is worth seeking out in any eventuality.” (, live review from 2006)

Twenty Twenty Vision – The Wonderfully Titled EP

The Wonderfully Titled - EP - Twenty Twenty Vision

1. In You I Hide
2. Complication
3. Adequately Marvellous
4. So Secretly
5. Hole In My Heart

Adrian Lomas (vocals, acoustic guitar on So Secretly, programming)
Mark Paterson (guitars and artwork)
Gary Lowe (bass)

Recorded at Revolution Studios, Cheshire by Justin Richards.  Thanks to Andy MacPherson.
All music/words copyright Adrian Lomas.


“In You I Hide”

I never sleep, you might be the dream I cannot keep
Live to regret all of the promises of no end
Only to find no use in the end can be justified
And what in the world could keep me alive if you should go?

How would it feel to live with a wound which never healed?
Pretend to forget all of the dream and all it meant
No way to hide, these pictures of you are in my mind
And who in the world would stand by my side if you should go?

This battered up ship was never taking me anywhere, anytime
It’s in you I hide.


I didn’t come here to cause complication, I didn’t come to save the day
I only came here for some information, it wasn’t meant to be this way

Why don’t you call me beautiful?  Why don’t you look at me that way?
Why don’t you call me beautiful anyway?

Is it too hard to look at me?  Is it too hard to see your face?
Tell me how easy I was to give away

Don’t say you’re sorry, don’t say you had no choice
You made your choice

Maybe it’s sickness, maybe I’m selfish like you
Maybe I need to know who I am, who you are
Or maybe I need you

When will you call me beautiful?  When will you look at me that way?
When will you call me beautiful everyday?

“Adequately Marvellous”

In a different light, I might see your face and call you sunshine
But who wants to live in darkness all their life?  I know I don’t

In a different time, I might write to say I find you so sublime
But who wants to lie when the truth is just as clear from both sides?

In a different world, where plain looks kill they’d try you for genocide
But who’d want to die for a buxom bucktoothed blonde with her father’s eyes?

Well, you asked me to be honest
You said you liked me at my most sincere
Sincerely I will miss you
Adequately marvellous, dear

Only an obscene mind could imagine how you’d look at a bad time
And I’ve always known that perfection never dressed in her mother’s clothes

“So Secretly”

So secretly I’ll be shouting for you
So silently I’ll be telling everyone
Everything is all you mean to me

Although some never find what they’re searching for
Although some give up waiting, I will wait some more
For that one life makes everything worthwhile
When everything is all you mean to me

So secretly

“Hole In My Heart”

I want everyone to love my face, but only you to know the time it takes to make it look this way
I’m not a decoration once a year, being tinfoiled is this turkey’s fear
So stuff me well

I want to lie by your fire just to keep warm
This hole in my heart

I want everyone to know my past, but only you to know just when to laugh at everything I’ve ever done
I would sit happily on your tree but you’d make no angel out of me
How does it feel when I want to lie by your fire, just to keep warm
This hole in my heart


It’s possible the music I made as Twenty Twenty Vision will continue to be licenced into various shows, but any new music I make will be created under a new moniker.


Thank you to everyone who came to see a show, bought the record or supported me/TTV in any way!  Anyone wanting to get in touch can do so via info [at]

Take care,
Adrian x

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